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Shall Sanitary Napkins be tax free?

Recently there has been a lot of pressure from media houses, political groups and various other institutions to exempt sanitary napkins from taxes. This is based on the argument that sanitary napkins are an absolute necessity as every woman has to go through a  menstruation cycle and in absence... Continue Reading →


Gender Gap Index: A Critical Appraisal

The release of Gender Gap Report (2017) by World Economic Forum has been a matter of concern for India. Since its publication the intellectuals, politicians and feminists can been seen to be engaging in heated debate, trying to identify the factors that led to the slip of India's... Continue Reading →

An Inquiry into Differences in Income?

Over the years per capita income has been the most renowned indicator  to measure the economic development of a country. A country with higher per capita income is perceived as economically developed while those with lower levels perceived as developing... Continue Reading →

First Day Mensuration Leave.

Recently, the concept of paid leave for women on first day of mensuration has been a widely debated topic in India. This is based on the idea that first day of mensuration cycle is immensely discomforting for women, therefore they... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Haryana

Haryana is one of the 29 states of India and is  situated in northern part of India. The name "Haryana" is comprises of two Sanskrit words; Hari means God and Ayana means home, therefore Haryana means the home of God.... Continue Reading →

The Development Myth of Kerala

Over the years there has been a common misconception that Kerala follows a unique model of development; despite having low per capita income compared to those of industrialized nations, the rank in human development index of the state is exceptionally... Continue Reading →

The economic vision for Precocious, Cleavaged India

I. INTRODUCTION The post independence economic history of India can be divided into two parts. First was the era of socialism where the guiding principles were economic nationalism; policies focusing on import substitution to promote domestic production, and economic protectionism;... Continue Reading →

Income Inequality

In post globalization era where world has turned into a global village, almost all of us are aware of the fact that there exist a huge income inequality all over the world. Rich classes are getting richer and  poor are... Continue Reading →

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