This article is the expansion of my previous article “The Dream”. In my previous article we learned that dream is unlike the popular belief is not the end objective of life. It can not be the end objective as the ultimate satisfaction that we associate with it, may not come true. We learned that dream is an endless journey with constant struggle and the ultimate satisfaction that we associate with it, is divided into small package of happiness we receive throughout this journey. This however does not mean that we should not have any form of objective. There should always be some form of objectives in our life as it provide a direction to our journey. But when it comes to setting objectives and ways to achieve them we are still following traditional methods. Therefore as the title of this article suggests, we will learn about a new form of strategy towards the journey of life.

Traditional Strategy 

0Before we go on to learn about modern strategy it is very important for us to systematically learn about the traditional ones. We more or less have at least some basic ideas of this method. This is a form of strategy mostly recommended by our parents, grandparents and as well as our teacher.

What you want to be when you grow up?

This is a question that i am sure all of us had to face in our childhood. We also know about the consequences when we do not know the answer of this question. We instantly loose our social acceptance and become some what inferior in the eyes of our elders. In  fear of that, we many a time tell lies and build up some fake objectives or quote someone else answer to maintain our credibility in the society. It shows that social cost of not having an objective is higher than having a fake objective. Since we begin to face this question from our childhood, society may not allow for individuals to have required space to decide what they actually want to achieve. This might cause development of misleading goals. With passing time the question expands and it now demands the report of our progress. As a result we either begin to  follow the crowd or march towards our fake objective. All these may results in a life based on lies and consequently ends up in failure, regret and disappointment.

Therefore traditional strategy is based on the idea that individuals must develop their  lifetime objectives and divide into smaller goals. It is based on the argument that if we know our destination it will be easy for us to follow up our journey. It follows the idea that if we able to achieve our objectives, the struggles of our life will eventually end.

Modern Strategy

The modern strategy unlike its traditional counterpart is based on the idea that individuals grow at different pace and they might not have required knowledge, experience, or maturity to set a long term objective. It is based on the fact that objectives changes with the changes in information or experience that one might have.

Modern strategy argues that individuals should avoid setting of long term objectives and unlike the the traditional method it considers short term objectives to be more significant. It believes that near future is more predictable than the one far away. Therefore short term objectives would able to represent the aspirations of an individual more precisely. When comes to application, it is more like a decentralized structure where  achievement of short term objectives collectively decides the long term position of an individual. The central idea of this strategy is that the present condition of an individual is the most dominant factor to decider his future. If this does not remains true then the whole strategy will be unsuccessful.


When we have to choose one among various options such as a commerce student may have options to become a CA, economist, teacher, professor and so on, we must not set any choice as our long term objective as we may not have required information to make the most worthy choice for us. We should lead as per our current interest and peruse a subject of graduation. During our graduation we must only focus on that and gain required information to set for our next objective. With every objective we choose other options are being eliminated. Also due to narrow focus on only short term objective instead of long term objective as well, we face less pressure and have higher chances to perform better. Since our present performance determine our future position and with the process of elimination of choices we will eventually end up with most worthy decision.


I would like to apologies for the casual format of this article. This article meant for everyone and thus simple format has been chosen.