The objective of this article is to address the actual issues regarding the safety of women and widen your vision beyond the mainstream media. We as young generation begin to form our opinions on the basis of argument forwarded by celebrities, comedians, commercials and various YouTube videos. We begin to accept their version of reality and do not even question their relevance.  Whether you accept or not but news and rumors over the internet has a lot of influence over the development of our opinions and when we all in a democratic country develop our opinions over half-baked knowledge, the problem rather become more complex.

Women’s Safety in Contemporary World

At this point of time women’s safety is indeed a matter of serious concern not for Indians but for people all over the world. Women has to face a lot o social challenges and oppressive forces in almost all the countries. It is however not true that India has turned into a rapist country. But it does not we should justify sexual assault and ignore them as it happening all over the world.

Even though youth is very aware about the present issues of women but sorry to say, youth has developed some hilarious way of solving these issues. The most common ways of protesting and solving these problems include making naked posters of hindu goddesses, obsession about being ashamed for being a man, sexist argument such as lock men indoors during night, provocative sarcastic videos which by the way never talk about any fcking solutions.

The fact is Women’s safety has become a market. A market where celebrities gets ashamed to increase their fan base and promote sexism in their next film, a lot of feminist organization promote outrage in order to maintain their funding, Facebook pages shares offensive posts and sexist videos to increase their likes and you can even blame me for increasing my readers and views.

Women’s safety in contemporary world has become a market and we as young generation which also includes women themselves, are its biggest consumers. We young generation are pregnant with an idea that if we able to pressurize the government and problems will be solved which will just solve the politically. For example China has a law which sentences corrupt official shot to dead, but guess what corruption is still exist in China. we not only have lack of vision but also biased and selective outrage. Nobody even talk about women in Islam as if they are not even human beings they are all alone in their fight, we rarely target big fishes like Azam Khan ( states rape is a political conspiracy), Abu Azmi ( states when women roam around naked what you would expect) and all these celebrities who are worried about women were the first one to defend Salman Khan over his pathetic statement.

( Disclaimer: It is just a matter of coincidence that all these people happened to be Muslims, but yes we are secular so you can call me religious extremist. by the way Ram Sigh was the rapist in the case of Jyoti Sigh and Jyoti is the real name of Nirbhaya which makes me sexist as I revealed her name)

Women’s Safety: A vision beyond Media

At present time there exist two different philosophical argument to promote women’s safety. One group who first becomes ashamed and then argue, they show extreme level of sympathy towards women. They are the reason why women are being subjected to sympathy rather than being respected, their argument is based on the idea which treats women as a child and believes that women are somewhat weaker sex. For this group of people anything in the name of women empowerment is justified.

The second group of people who are purely sexist. Who will blame everything on women. This group is however not to be confused with those men who talk about their own rights and gender biased laws. There are many people these days who are afraid to support women’s movement because government in hurry passes biased laws which makes the situation of men even worse.

It is a result of heavy promotion of pseudo equality and utter silence over the pain of men which made a lot of men silent over the pain of women.

Developing the Solution

The biggest problem with the youth is that, they treat law as their ultimate success.  India has a huge difference in development in rural areas that of development in Urban areas. But law treats all of them equal which goes against the core principle of equality i.e, equality is treating unequal people unequally as per their conditions. consequently at one place women are still abused and at the other women using it for criminal activities. Therefore law is the cheapest solution to promote women empowerment.

The safety of women is beyond can be promoted through a well-developed plans divided into short-term and long terms policies

Short Term Policy

The short-term measure should be aimed to provide immediate relief to women. Law and Order system need to be independent and accountable, as long as law and order will be in the hands of political executives we can never expect the problems of crimes to be solved and politics of India aims at maintaining the problems to ensure their vote banks. A huge technological progress require in justice system since it is not possible to change the whole justice system over the night. Technological progress in justice system will make it cheaper and efficient in delivering justice.

Women safety must not be limited to those who are alive but it should extend to those who are not even born yet. Government instead of banning examining the sex of the child, should in fact make it mandatory to examine the sex of the child from only government-run hospital for absolutely free and should provide financial incentive if it’s a girl, this will provide the government with enough data and bring the couple under the radar of law.

Since government hospitals is not sufficiently covering the rural areas and most of the child in rural areas do not born under proper healthcare system. Those women help who have been helping pregnant giving birth should be provided with proper medical training and should be awarded as official government employees. This will significantly bring down female feticide. ( also prostitution and human trafficking and these are sold girls or kidnapped mostly during their childhood, in this case government can always have a check over the household who have girls child)

Access to education is not a major problem in urban areas but it is in case of rural areas. The major problem with female education is that people find it worthless. But there is a negative relation between female education and dowry. Education must taught women some survival skill which can at least make them capable enough to be financially independent. A capable woman who can earn is in demand which can reduce the burden of dowry from the shoulders of a father. Which will in fact make it opportunity for parents to educate the girl child.

Long Term Policies

No laws and no incentive are good enough to maintain their relevance. Therefore the long-term plans must expand beyond laws and incentive. In long term plans should focus on overall development of women rather than just their safety. The aim of long term plan can be summarized in two-word ” Development of Potentials”

Many people blame the mentality of people and failure of moral as the main factor behind the rising crime against women. Though this argument is a fact but incomplete. It is mostly the frustration of men who are not as capable as of women, results in vicious crime, alcohol and clothes are nothing to do with it. Frustrations developed because of faulty developmental models we have adopted. Our social circles is mostly concentrated which need to be diversified. A diverse social circle means better understanding among people. But we consider commodification so important that we have been divided into classes. Moral education must to be provided, advertisement which looks down upon human being must go away. These have impact over sub conscious human mind and they always frustrated.

We here in this case must associate women with a higher status and provide them with higher level of moral responsibilities as well. It is so because women reproduce society and by reproduction here I do not mean biological reproduction but the reproduction of whole social structure. A woman with a higher moral and societal status will result in a peaceful society and this unlike the laws, are more stable and permanent.

It is the higher status and moral of which made India, a heaven on earth. (Past)

( I apologize I have to end here, though I have hundreds of other ideas but I have already reached my word limit. I also apologize for the loose form of writing. If you want to know more about my ideas. you can post your question in comment section)