Remember your childhood days? elementary classes ? where you, me and probably all of us had to write an essay of our introduction. If you recall all these then I am sure you will also able to recall that multiple, red and blue lined notebook where you in your messy and grammatically imperfect handwriting, written about yourself, your parents and about your dream.

That was the moment where it all began. You for the first time became familiar with the word “Dream”. A word which later became so powerful that it provided a whole different meaning to your life. A word so powerful that it gave us a hope, a desire to see another sunrise in our life, in fact this word has become our life.

Brace yourself readers, today we are going to talk about Dreams. This article is dedicated to address various shades of your dreams and meant to widen your vision about the subject.

Understanding Dream

I am sure most of you after looking at the sub heading would have thought that you know the answer. Dream is the end objective of life. It is a position where you want to be in future. It is an objective that defines everything and justifies every action in your life. It is the source which provide you with immense motivate. It is the friend in your loneliness and a superior imagine of yourself which makes your feel powerful. In short Dream in most simplistic vision something that divides your sorrow, adds your energy and multiplies your happiness.

What if I tell you that till now you have been accepting others’ vision of reality? Have you ever thought, how we as individuals having conflicting opinions able to agree that dream is the end objective of life? why no one ever questioned why do we need an objective for the whole lifetime?

Dream is defined as an end objective of life so as to turn you into a production machine for the society. When you have an objective, you have a target to achieve, a deadline to meet. It narrows down your attention and make you only concentrate over the results, because society only cares about the output. people spend years away from their families for education, moves out of village for promotion and often ignore emotions just to stay focused.

Dreams as an objective can cost you a life.

Dreams and Reality.

Dreams come true

Probably the most over used quote to keep us motivated. It inspire us and give us hope, an amazing strength to carry on when times are difficult. It makes us believe in ourselves and we accept that we can achieve anything. We believe that nothing is impossible, no target is unreachable and there exist no challenge which is bigger than human spirit. When we adopt this belief as a principle, it leads to two major changes in our life

  1. Creation of an extended and superior version of ourselves, who dominate us, our thinking and our behavior. This superior image is the friend in our difficult times, our source of self motivation and our best advisor. It is the armor that we wear which protect ourselves from every emotional attack from this rough world and surprisingly the strength of this armor grows with every emotional damage we take.
  2. Creation of an imaginary world where we are the leading character of the story. where no one else is better than us. It is the place where only we can dominate and we feed this world with our all emotions.

In short, it makes us powerful and everybody enjoy the power and that is the reason we believe our dreams will come true, we will be that superior one that dominates us, we will make this world like our imaginary world.


The phenomenon I mentioned above can mostly be found among the people who are introvert and only the found among those who are ambitious. Otherwise you will not be able relate to that. However what I am going to mention in this section is very common.

Dream is an illusion, a paradise we imagine that never exist in reality.

Sorry to break your heart readers but Dreams never comes into reality because it never existed in the first place. we associated two expectation with our dreams.

  1. Immense satisfaction – we believe that dream is an objective and after achieving that objective we will get an immense satisfaction. But in reality it is a journey not an objective and there exist no immense satisfaction but a series of moments of happiness associated with our every little achievement in this journey. It is like growing up, others can see the change in us but we can not, because we are the part of the process and the process is continuous and slow enough that we never realize  the change. In the same manner we get a continuous series of moments of happiness rather than a one time immense satisfaction.
  2. The Idealistic Person – we in our dream land as I mentioned above, we imagine an idealistic version of ourselves which we always try to be. But in reality we can never be that idealistic person because we adopt changes in ourselves and end up compromising with real world situations. For instance you want to be a non biased political leader with an aim to change the world but in reality you have to have a biased opinion, to influence people and end up compromising to a certain degree with the real world.

What A Dream Actually Is?

A Dream is a journey. It is full of adventure and thrills. It exposes us to different shades of life. we begin this journey with our family and friends, who not only stays with us till the destination and beyond but also cheer for us in the loudest voice when we perform at the grandest stage of all – Life. We should always ensure that these people remains with us and never ignore them in this race of finish line. It is because you can only enjoy success when there will be someone with whom you can celebrate. All these wonderful experiences will be missed out if you treat your dream as an objective.

So, just focus on tomorrow not the coming years. Do what you love right now and which is better for near future. Think about the subject you want to choose rather than the career you want to have, think about how well you can perform your job rather than the position you want to held in the company, focus on grades rather than employment, just like I choose the topic rather than content of this article. Sometimes we should focus more on the lines than paras, chapters than the book.

Dream is more like a sandal stick than fireworks, which spreads its fragrance slowly.

Message To Readers

I know most of the article have been much painful and if you read my previous article you might not expecting this. But it is something I want to tell everyone. I was fed with an idea since my childhood that I must have a grand objective in life. But later I realize it is not true, in fact it is going to cost you a lot more than being an aimless person. Please share you opinion in the comment as I need to know and I need to grow. Thank You all.