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Love, it is probably one of the most complex emotion of all, which is beyond the reach of words. It is the binding force of this universe which not only connects humans but almost all living creatures on this planet. It is so complex to describe yet so simple to understand that even our four-legged friends gets it so well. This is what makes love so beautiful.

We are always in a quest for true love and almost dedicate our whole youth for it but in that quest we often ignores what we already have. We don’t have to search for true love or even wait for it, because it always present with us in millions of forms that cover us like a warm blanket in a cold silent night. It was present in the smile of our parents when they brought us into this world, it was there when we spoke our first word, it was there when we able to stand straight and learned to walk and this is not the end we are still constantly being loved which grows everyday, It is there when we meet our friends every morning, It is there when we and our friends have a good hard laugh together. we don’t have to search for love because it always there in treasure of our memories locked inside our heart.

Love and Life are inseparable. If you are breathing, then you are being loved by someone.

Describing Love

The word “Love” itself incapable to capture all your emotions. As we know love has millions of forms and it can not be described by one single word. But we are Hindus, a part of 10,000 year old culture, we have over 96 words in Sanskrit and nearly 200 words in hindi describing love and its different forms. This how far we able to describe this emotion over 10,000 years which clearly means that it is far beyond our literature and knowledge.

There is no doubt we can never describe this emotion with words because the moment we try to capture it through words, it grows and flee. Love at its core has two simple things – Freedom and Connection, perhaps this is the reason why it is so complex. How can you be free when you connected to something ?

Let me answer this question for you. Love connects you to the deepest emotions, it is so deep that it overweighs all the materialistic desire you have. Just like your father is no different than any other human being but it is your love what makes him stand out of the crowd, just like you study hard even when you don’t like because you want to give your old man his dream retirement. So complex isn’t it?

Love is freedom. An emotion that outweighs all the materialistic desire.  

Love, Committment and Relationship

Love committment and relationship shares a very close and intimate relationship. Committment and Love are inseparable and without one, other dies a painful death. If love is a tree then committment is the root and if the root stop supporting the tree, then it slowly shed its leaves and dries out to death. Just like we have lost a lot of friends after school, because that committment we share died and slowly our love for them fades away, we just don’t feel the same for them anymore. Right now you probably thinking that committment is what required for love. But in actual Committment is what we need to stay in love. It is not the seed from which the plant of love grows but it is the stem that provies nourshiment to the plant.

If love is a connection then committment is the strength of that connection.

We younger generation probably been through several relationships and break ups by now. we have or been cheated someway or the other but there are some wonderful memories about our past relationships that we can never forget. These are the memories that we will take down to the grave with us. These memories, relations and emotions are something that people around us do not understand, they will say forget the past so easily, they will say leave the past so easily, so easily as if we are somekind of computer prgrammes just press delete and everything is gone.

We younger generation are not only complicated ones but also the confused ones. We use relationaliship believeing that we are in love while we are just trying to escape our loneliness, we believe that a “yes” can start love and a “its over” can end it while we forget that the heart is not in our control, it is the emotion that control us, we believe being committed and being in relationship are the same thing while relationship and committment are completely different. These confusions are the one which hurt the most.

we all need to understand the difference between committment and relationship. This is probably the most important part of this article so please pay attention.

Relationship is materialistic based on some degree of ego while committment is beyond the control of humans it more naturalistic. There difference between relation and committment is like the difference between-my son, my wife, my girlfriend, my boyfriend and what I want to do for my son, my wife, my girlfriend and my boyfriend. Eventhough this example might given you the message that I want to convey but it is still incomplete and incompetent as committment is again emotional in nature hard to describe. Relationship puts a boundary or a tag on an individual but committment has no boundaries, there is no “my” in committment it is just a flow of emotion and unlike relationships one can actually be committed to more than one person. You can indeed love to guys or girls and have two father in committment where as in relationship it is still a taboo- that is why we always use ” wo mere papa jaise hain” notice “jaise” here carefully. Relationship is created for the people to understand what kind of bond you share with the other person. 

You can never be into relationship becuase it was never meant for you, you can only be committed which other might not understand. It is quite possible that two people in relationship  never committed to each other, merely adjust to ensure a smooth functioning of life while the whole world sets them as an example of love as we all see in the form of Taj Mahal.

Love is like a piece of puzzle one a specific shape can make it complete.

Love and Desire

Remember one thing there is a difference between love and desire. One will always desire what she love but all desire might not be love. Desire and love goes in opposite direction when it comes to perfection. You desire perfection but you always love the flaws. One can never love an all perfect person and since one can not love there is no one perfect exist. Love and life is inseparable and everybody who is alive being loved whether they are black, white, tall, short, fat or slim.

Love exist in flaws while desire exist in perfection. one can find Love but not Desire.

Message to Reader:

Thank you for your precious time. please forgive me if this article was below your expectation as I have been out of creative writing for almost 4 years. whatever you felt after reading this article please mention it in the comment box.