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Are you there? 

What is happiness? How to be happy? Is happiness subjective or objective? What makes people happy? Perhaps this is one of the most difficult questions remained unanswered in human history (or at least in the type of history defined by... Continue Reading →


An Inquiry into Differences in Income?

Over the years per capita income has been the most renowned indicator  to measure the economic development of a country. A country with higher per capita income is perceived as economically developed while those with lower levels perceived as developing... Continue Reading →

First Day Mensuration Leave.

Recently, the concept of paid leave for women on first day of mensuration has been a widely debated topic in India. This is based on the idea that first day of mensuration cycle is immensely discomforting for women, therefore they... Continue Reading →

Laws, Morals and Survival

Plato, a famous Greek philosopher once addressed by a group of curious students asking Why people need to Obey the laws? To which Plato answered that, it can clearly be seen the fact that those who do not obey the... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Haryana

Haryana is one of the 29 states of India and is  situated in northern part of India. The name "Haryana" is comprises of two Sanskrit words; Hari means God and Ayana means home, therefore Haryana means the home of God.... Continue Reading →

An Alternative

This article is the expansion of my previous article "The Dream". In my previous article we learned that dream is unlike the popular belief is not the end objective of life. It can not be the end objective as the... Continue Reading →

The Development Myth of Kerala

Over the years there has been a common misconception that Kerala follows a unique model of development; despite having low per capita income compared to those of industrialized nations, the rank in human development index of the state is exceptionally... Continue Reading →


A great many of the contemporary political and social issues revolve around the conflicting claims of disparate identities, since the sense of "belonging" and the conception of "identity" tend to have far-reaching effects on our thinking about ourselves and about... Continue Reading →

The economic vision for Precocious, Cleavaged India

I. INTRODUCTION The post independence economic history of India can be divided into two parts. First was the era of socialism where the guiding principles were economic nationalism; policies focusing on import substitution to promote domestic production, and economic protectionism;... Continue Reading →

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