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Dear Voters

Finally the day has arrived when we are going to determine the future of this country. Elections are like the soul of any democracy its importance rises even further in largest democracy of the world. One might think among the... Continue Reading →

The Conflict Within Us

There are two fundamental characteristics of a human being. One is being thoughtful and the other one is being animalistic. Human being has gone through a long journey of evolution. We have some of the characters of those creatures which... Continue Reading →

A Beautifully Flawed Principle

At this present day welfare oriented world, while almost all the governments across the globe trying to liberate their respective countries from the vicious trap of poverty, there are still some philosophers and thinkers engaged in cursing the wealth. They... Continue Reading →

Mission Shakti

On march 27, 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to nation has announced that India has developed anti satellite missile under the 'Shakti Mission' to defend its space territory. It is a combination of Agni missile and Advanced... Continue Reading →

A guide to Voters

India is the largest democracy in world and elections are an important part of it asĀ  people give their feedback through this process. The upcoming 17th Lok Sabha (General) election Will held all over the country in 7 phases, from... Continue Reading →

Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme

Election commission has announced the dates for 17th Lok Sabha election. With this announcement the politicians across the country begin to make promises to convince voters to vote for them. While Some of them seems to be practical and then... Continue Reading →

Ujjwala Yojana

The Ujjawala Yojana is perhaps one of the most important programme of present government under the leadership of Narendra Modi. This program aims to provide free LPG gas connections to the poor household of India. This should replace the conventional... Continue Reading →

Beginning of Industrialization in India : An Overview

Diversification and rapid industrial growth has been the twin objectives of industrial policy in India. Under the colonial regime, India was denied of industrial revolution. It is because their policy mainly concerned with transforming India into a supplier of raw... Continue Reading →

The Reservation Debate

The debate over reservation of Schedule caste and Schedule tribes can be boiled down to two simple arguments. While the SC/STs argues that they have been discriminated by the upper caste or other sections of society and was not provided... Continue Reading →

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